Welcome to ORC – Victoria

Welcome to ORC – Victoria

Managed by the ORC – Victoria – Inc. this website provides many valuable resources intended to help Victorian’s engage in the outdoors. As well as helping raise the profile of a diverse range of organisations, activities and outcomes associated with the outdoors, we hope the site enables open communication and contributes to many new networks and partnerships among those already involved.

At the present, there is a lack of a clear and effective peak or representative body for the Outdoors sector in Victoria.

The existing peak bodies for outdoor education and outdoor recreation, the Outdoor Recreation Centre (ORC) and the Victorian Outdoor Education Association (VOEA) have faced substantial challenges to their sustainability and there is substantial overlap in their aims.

Accordingly, the Boards of the ORC and the VOEA have established an Outdoors Sector Project Group (OSPG) to explore the opportunities and challenges that might be afforded by joining forces.

The OSPG, independently chaired by Bruce Esplin, former Victorian Emergency Services Commissioner, aims to have completed this project, inclusive of extensive industry consultation, by the end of 2011.

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